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Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are nature's gift to us, from plants. They play an important role in the survival of plants and trees. They can come from the flowers, bark, stems or the root of a plant or tree. They are not new to humans. They have been around for centuries. We are only rediscovering them again. If you are looking for natural ways of staying healthy, essential oils are an important component of your repertoire. 

Plants produce these oils for two main reasons: Some oils are produced to protect the plants from predators and bacterial and viral organisms, thus helping with their immunity. When we use these particular oils, they help improve our immunity as well, like Thyme, cinnamon, oregano.. Other oils are produced to help the plants with pollination. These are usually more fragrant and help attract insects. These oils help regulate our hormones and emotional and mental health, like lavender, Ylang ylang, Bergamot, Geranium.

How essential oils are produced:

Most essential oils are produced by a steam distillation process. The plant parts are heated with water. The rising steam which contains the oil is condensed and the oil floating on top is collected separately. The water that is collected from the distillation process, that still has the smell of the essential oil is used as a hydrosol. A few oils maybe produced by cold expeller method, similar to cold pressed coconut oil... 

Uniqueness of Essential oils:

Essential oils are different from other oils because they are made of very small molecules. So, when they are applied to the skin or inhaled they are able to diffuse easily into the body.

Each oil has a propensity for specific regions of the body, so,it will tend to diffuse to those particular areas.

When inhaled, the oil molecules will diffuse into the limbic area of the brain where emotions are.

Our cells in the body generally do not develop resistance to essential oils with long term use. For example, fungal infections are usually difficult to treat and at times when an anti fungal cream is used for a prolonged period of time, resistance can develop and the infection may start spreading again. But, when you use Tea tree oil, which has excellent anti fungal and anti bacterial properties, the organism does not develop resistance.

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